I am eager to continue growing in my career and equally as passionate in developing my support staff and management team to achieve new heights in their careers.  Many individuals just entering the workforce by means of higher education or right out of high school often times don't have the hands-on training to help them succeed when they enter into a new opportunity.   

As my journey continues, I envision myself taking my knowledge and using it to help other individuals just entering the workforce to develop a plan—a vision—a goal to allow themselves to produce the successful results that we all are capable of.

Just as I grew up in a lower resource family, there are many others that have faced a similar life style.  They may not be as fortunate to have mentors such as I did to help them realize their potential, learn from and reach new accomplishments with.

While the next chapters in my journey unfold, they will be passed along to you with hopes that you or someone else may find interest by what I have learned and what I can offer.

Please check back frequently to see where these next steps lead. 

Please visit my guestbook at my home page or, email me at:   PS@PatrickSilva.com