About me

Growing up nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on a ranch deep in the center of New Mexico, I would venture into the wilderness looking for ancient artifacts, arrowheads, pottery and various items that would become uncovered after the summer rains.  Growing up as close to a National Park as I did, I wanted to know and learn more about what I found and the story behind the artifacts.  Therefore, I  began my journey volunteering my time helping take care of our natural resources at a local National Park. 

I signed up in 1993 at the National Park, focused on the Quarai Ruins, one of three sites at the Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument's.  I was issued a park volunteer uniform and name tag.  Shortly after, my name was engraved onto a golden name plate where all the parks volunteers were honored at the Park Headquarters.  That may not seem like a huge accomplishment to most, but as a teenager, that was a stepping stone like none other.

I spent countless summer days working between the three sites; giving tours, upkeep and sales of products in their small store.
  One summer, I had the opportunity to hover over an anthropologist exploration group who did excavations on sections of the earth covered pueblo mounds.  It was truly incredible to see the history buried beneath the centuries of dirt that had blown over and covered the landscape.  More incredible than that was knowing that this Indian pueblo could not have been built and in existence if there was not a plan, a vision, a leader to execute the feat.

There, my journey began and I have many people to thank that have helped me understand and look beyond what my mind could imagine, both personally and professionally.

As I continued to volunteer at the park, my local church,  and work during my high school years, I always visioned myself doing something out of the ordinary.  I wasn't sure what that  meant at the time.  However, little did I realize that 8 years later, my journey would end up in the great city of Chicago, 1,300 miles away from the ranch. 

My wife Kolani and I moved up to Chicago in 2001. Since then, we've settled in the remote corn fields of the western suburbs.  We have 2 dogs (Sam and Sara) and enjoy a modest life style, work hard and push hard to continue achieving our goals.

I've volunteered my time at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington where I served as a lighting director for several years for the high school age group. During my tenure, I've also served with video and stage teams during main stage events.